Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit

The Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit with advanced brake pads and rotors, braided lines and a host of ancillary items is the ultimate brake upgrade for the latest 4WD vehicles and was an easy choice to have this system fitted to our Learn2Tow vehicle so our family, our customers that hire our vehicles and other road users are in safe hands.

The comprehensive kit includes specially compounded high performance ceramic material brake pads for increased stopping power in extreme conditions plus the latest Bendix Ultimate Rotors designed and developed specifically for Australia’s demanding conditions.

The outcome from the high performance brake kit with the technically advanced additional strength ceramic brake pads and the Ultimate slotted rotors also results in a firm brake pedal that won’t over expand under pressure, a reduction in brake dust and braking noise along with thermal stability in high temperatures and resistance to brake fade.

Kit Contents

  • 2 x Ultimate Brake Rotors

  • 1 x Set of Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads

  • 1 x Vehicle Set Ultimate Brake Hose

  • 1L Heavy Duty Brake Fluid

  • 1 x Can Bendix Cleanup

  • 1 x Tube Ceramasil Brake Parts Lubricant

  • Bendix rotor wipes

  • 1 x 60L Icebox

NOTE: Images for illustration purposes only. Contents may vary.

To find out more go to - Bendix or watch here

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