Buying a Motorhome? 3 BIG mistakes New Drivers Make!

Have you been Dreaming of setting off around Australia, and thinking a motorhome could be the answer for you, being able to go to many destinations with your home on wheels seems like a great idea to join the #vanlife crew.

Motorhomes can be BIG, bigger than the vehicle you may have regularly driven throughout your driving life.

No 1. The Turning Radius...

The turning radius of your new #motorhome will be A lot larger than you may have thought, and to compensate for this you will need to stay a little wider on tighter sharp turns and plan techniques before getting stuck in a dead end street with the only option of reversing out if you can't manage a 3 point turn.

No 2. Width, Length and Height of Motorhome... This can easily be forgotten, but can end in an expensive fix to your own motorhome, private or public property, and harm damage to others.

Motorhomes are wider, longer and heigher than the average car.

Your home on wheels will be wider than you are familiar with, leaving you with less extra space within your driving lane. But if you have entered a #roadworks, you will be very limited with your available lane space.

The #motorhome will be longer, leaving a parking situation that you can get in with the "normal sized car" next to impossible to navigate for the new motorhome operator. Another consideration with length is having adequate timing and space to take a safe gap at an intersection.

#Height,,,,, forgetting about Trees, overpasses, low bridges, underground parking, low powerlines etc can be a scary thought.

Knowing the #width, #length and #height of the motorhome you start tripping around is 100% on the list of "importance"

No 3. Braking distance will be increased... The overall size of the motorhome results in a bigger heavier vehicle that will take a longer distance to slow down or come to a stop compared to a #car or #suv . Its recommended to leave a greater following distance between the motorhome you are driving and the vehicle that is in front of you. A car that you are following will be able to slow down or stop sooner than the motorhome, so giving yourself more space or #following #distance definitely helps prevent unnecessary problems.

The above 3 Mistakes is just a few of the tips I can give you when taking up a 3hr Motorhome Defensive Driving and Parking Lesson.

Contents covered in the Lesson will include -

* Weight Distribution / Loading

* Departure / Setting up List / Motorhome safety check

* Reversing Straight

* 90 Degree Reverse parking as in a caravan park

* Use of cameras and Proximity Sensors

* Setting of Mirrors and Blindspots

* Turning Radius

* Off tracking of Motorhome and Rear Overhang

* 3 Point Turns and easy Cul-de-sac navigation

* Size of Motorhome, Length, Width and Height tips to avoid problems

* Levelling of Motorhome when camping.

* On road Defensive Driving -

Braking, following distances, anticipation of other road users, merging, stopping, lane position , roundabouts, fuel consumption hints, descending down hills, rest management.

Call Andrew @ #learn2Tow on 0418265674

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