Top Driving Tips To SAVE Fuel amid record High prices

Looking at the fuel display on your vehicle saying empty, the warning light and "Ding" coming on has

always been a bit of a Dreaded feeling, but the record prices of Fuel we are all seeing atm has us all

feeling a bit distressed.

But with some easy to follow tips below, I hope I can limit you some $$$ pain at the pump!

  1. Look for the cheapest fuel in your area. there are many apps that will help you find these

cheaper prices.

  1. Utilise the Grocery dockets 4c discounts. 4c discount per litre on a long range empty fuel tank will be a nice saver.

  2. Declutter the vehicle, Carrying an unnecessary 100 kilos causes a 3% loss in fuel efficiency. If it doesn’t need to be in the car, then get it out! You can also improve your car’s aerodynamics by taking off exterior racks when they’re not in use.

  3. Check the tyre Pressure, keeping good conditioned Tyres at the recommended pressure will increase fuel efficiency . Don't forget to check the spare!

  4. Slowing down by releasing the accelerator, Scanning far ahead to see whats happening at traffic lights, intersections, motorway driving etc will give you an early indication that you may need to slow down, So you can release the accelerator which will reduce fuel consumption ( this stops the fuel supply and ups your fuel efficiency by 2% , but will also limit brake wear saving some maintenance costs). Hopefully the situation you spotted early ahead will of improved and you can keep your flow!

  5. Maintain a safe following Distance. This driving technique is a very easy way to save on fuel as it reduces unnecessary accelerating & decelerating , BUT it is also a safer way to drive as you will be leaving a safe following distance of more than 2 seconds gap between you and the vehicle infant of you reducing your chance of a "nose to tail' or "rear-end collision". tailgaters really do sux! NB. when towing a Caravan , Trailer of any sort the "following distance" needs to doubled because of increased braking distance.

  6. Accelerating a bit like an old granny. Having the lable as a "Lead foot, or Pedal to the metal" sounds kinda cool, but its definitely a way to burn through extra fuel. So taking off from a standstill at lights etc at a slower more careful approach will help save on fuel.

  7. Turn the AC off. I can't say I do this myself very often! I love the AC , occasionally when I'm driving out in a beautiful valley like Currumbin Valley or along Rainbow Bay checking out the surf I will put the windows down and take in the fresh stuff. Anyways, turning the AC off can definitely save you on fuel costs, its just up to you if you can handle it.

  8. Plan your Trip. Even if you know the destination you are off to, its always a good idea to chech on google maps looking for congestion on the roads you may have the options on choosing. taking a road less congested will save time and use less fuel.

  9. Ride Share. Makes sense if its available! or just don't drive if you can walk or ride a bike

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