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I'm Andrew, and I'm proud to offer my Caravan Towing Course to the Gold Coast.

I am a Fully accredited Driver Trainer TL141207 &  Defensive Driver Trainer TLIC107C.

Current 1st Aid.

I have been towing all sorts of Trailers, from big to small , for the last 25years.

You may be new to towing, or just want to be able to tow with more confidence and learn a few new tricks like:

* Helping you squeeze your new pride and joy in that tight caravan park site.

 * Reversing a boat /Jetski Trailer down that Dreaded Boat ramp,

*Skills to tow smoother, putting your Horses at ease while floating them to events.

We cater towing lessons for Caravans, Boat trailers, jet ski / PWC trailers, Horse Floats, Camper Trailers, Pop-Top Caravans, Box Trailers, Caravan Hire Companies, Motorbike trailers.

Please check my blog post to find an article written by Liquid Life and Leisure Magazine when they road tested my lesson. (top Right "blog')


A small Collection of Learn 2 Tow images

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Hinterland Caravans Burleigh
Learn and Pass Driving School
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Put your faith in a Towing legend
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Do you need to Learn how to Tow and Reverse a Trailer or Caravan?

 We offer you a Caravan/Trailer Towing Course on the Gold Coast!  This course is for People of all ages that are thinking about, or have purchased a Trailer or Caravan and would like to make sure they are capable of handling and reversing there new pride and joy.

 We can tailor a towing course just for you, so you can get the exact skills and knowledge that you require for your specific towing vehicle. Generally if you are new to Towing you will take the 4hr option, but a refresher course of 3hr may suit.

In this 3 Hour Course,

You will learn about:

  • Important Legal requirements when towing.

  • How to safely tow a caravan/trailer on road with sensible loading tips.

  • How to couple and uncouple a caravan/trailer without getting hurt and maneuver to site with ease.

  • Managing fatigue safely and responsibly with your partner.

  • Driver etiquette (everyone has been stuck behind a slow caravan that never moves over) 

  • How to park it like a pro!

  • Injected with Tips and Tricks.

  • You will  receive a FREE booklet with all information that we discuss on the day and a very handy pre trip checklist that can fit in your glove box. Tick it off before every trip and you will know you haven't forgotten anything!


 Course is for 2 people, so bring along your partner or friend. Prices are covered in the "Prices and Hours"

In this 4 Hour Course,

You will learn about:

  • Acquire and demonstrate the practical knowledge and application of the skills necessary to tow a caravan or trailer safely on the road utilising defensive driving technique also known as the System of Vehicle Control, so you can anticipate and avoid dangerous road situations.

  • Sharing the road with other users responsibly.

  • Practical experience using the Braking system.

  • Driver fatigue.

  • PLUS all of the above that is covered in the 3hr lesson

             Prices are covered in the "Prices and Hours"


Should I bring my Own Caravan And Tow Vehicle?

 Absolutely! All Tow Vehicles and the Caravans / Trailers operate differently, So bringing your own set up will be a big benefit to you, allowing a customised lesson for you and the set up.  A safe Jack knife point can be found and Marked so you always know its location, and a perfect reverse 90 degree park can be explained and shown for your set up. Don't forget that you may also be hitching the caravan up incorrectly, so we will sort that out too!

 Not to worry if you don't have your own set up as yet, as you can Hire our Dual cab Tow ute with the 17.5ft  dual axle Caravan. A lot of customers will use this option before they purchase their new caravan.



 Gold Coast location

        0418 265 674



Fill out the form to the right, an we can contact you! 



Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm.  $360 / 3hrs

                                       $440 / 4hrs

​​Saturday: On Request​. $430 / 3hrs

                                       $500 / 4hrs                                        All prices inc G.S.T.

PAYMENT & CANCELATION POLICY: To be received on time of booking, by either credit card or bank deposit.

   * 4 days before your scheduled lesson, a fee of $100.00 will be charged.

   * Cancel within 24 hours of your schedule lesson, 50% of fees will be refunded. Within 12hrs, no refund provided.

    * No shows are responsible for 100% of course fees. ( a reminder is sms 24hrs before lesson starts )

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